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Captured and enslaved in a mine, the young grouse lives a sadexistence. The labor camp is rough and brutal, the grouse are suppressed and forced to chickens despising work. Your task: to find a lost artifact that gives its owner the infinite power of the Dragon. A cute chicken in bondage girl is the only bright spot of our hero. The young lady is one day in a dangerous situation and while the grouse they defended it discovered its first combat skills.

In dramatic fashion, the grouse freed from captivity and escapes while he has to leave the grouse girls. In his escape he encounters Chi Master Ken, the manager of a monastery. Here the grouse learns the arts of combat, takes on the life of the monks and matures to a warrior. His background and his love has never forgotten but during all these years.

Before the grouse can free his beloved, it must still exist many adventures and to take the final exams to the Shaolin monk. Note the spirit of an ancestor nachgehend, the grouse one day finds a secret hidden in the monastery, which change the fate of the enslaved chickens and the fulfillment of a great prophecy will get the ball rolling. Can the grouse fulfill the prophecy and defeat the mysterious and evil terracotta king?


The legend for the first time in a big action role-playing game
With skill system
Lovable 3D graphics
Many different weapons
Parts of the soundtrack was specially recorded by an orchestra
Developer Deck 13, makers of Ankh and Venetica


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